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Total Garage Care - Crashed Garage Door Story

Updated: Feb 20

crashed garage door

It was a day like any other in the quiet suburbs of Atlanta—birds chirping, neighbors waving, and garage doors smoothly ascending and descending like the chests of sleeping giants. That is, until the Great Garage Door Crash of 2021 unfolded, turning what should have been a routine Monday into a scene straight out of a sitcom.

Chapter 1: The Prelude to Disaster

Our story begins with Bob, a well-intentioned but often distracted homeowner. Bob decided that this was the day he would finally teach his teenage son, Jake, the ins and outs of responsible car ownership—which, in Bob's mind, included parking the family vehicle.

Jake, eager to prove his burgeoning driving prowess, agreed. The only problem? Bob's instructions were as clear as a foggy Atlanta morning. "Just pull up slowly," he said, waving vaguely in the direction of the garage.

Chapter 2: The Incident

What Bob failed to communicate was the importance of waiting for the garage door to fully open. Jake, full of teenage confidence and distracted by a particularly catchy tune on the radio, inched forward. And then, a bit more quickly than "inching" suggests.

The result? A crash not heard 'round the world, but certainly echoing through the neighborhood gossip chain for weeks to come. The family SUV, now wearing the garage door like a metallic cape, stood as a monument to miscommunication.

Chapter 3: The Aftermath

Bob's reaction was a mix of disbelief, frustration, and an odd sense of pride in how solidly the garage door was built. "Well, the ad did say 'impact-resistant,'" he mused, scratching his head and eyeing the crumpled door now resembling a modern art masterpiece.

The neighbors, drawn by the commotion, offered helpful commentary like, "You know, I always thought your garage could use a skylight," and "At least now you have a convertible SUV!"

Chapter 4: Enter Total Garage Care

That's where we, Total Garage Care, came into the picture. We've seen our fair share of garage door mishaps, but the Great Garage Door Crash of 2021? Now, that was one for the books. With a mix of professionalism and suppressed chuckles, we set to work, transforming the scene of the crash back into the proud, functional garage it once was. Our team worked efficiently, removing the remnants of the door-cum-cape and installing a new, even more, impact-resistant model.

Epilogue: Lessons Learned

In the end, Bob and Jake learned a valuable lesson in communication, garage door safety, and perhaps a bit about humility. Bob now starts every driving lesson with a reminder to "check if the garage door is fully open," and Jake...well, Jake takes the bus.

As for us at Total Garage Care, we learned that every crashed garage door has a story, and sometimes, those stories are best shared with a smile. Remember, whether it's a routine installation or the aftermath of a teenage driving lesson gone awry, we're here to bring expert care and a touch of humor to your garage door needs.

For all your garage door repairs, installations, or if you simply need a good laugh after a minor mishap, Total Garage Care has got you covered. After all, life's too short not to laugh at a crashed garage door.

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